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The Twelve Days Of Christmas by Kara - Full story

Hi guys! Thanks for leaving all those replies! It's good to see you all out there, loving this story. Here's the last chapter of this story. Enjoy the last bit!
And 30/5 isn't over yet...
Chapter 8 is also up. Hope this means I'm now forgiven for not uploading for so long! ;) haha I promise the last chapter of this will be up at the end of this week. Enjoy the read guys and leave Kara some love! 

Still 30/5...
I did advice you to stick around a bit longer. Another chapter up!

Hi guys!
Sorry for having you wait so long for this new update. I usually try to squeeze in some scripting whenever is possible but with those website troubles and such I was a bit fed up with all that was interactive fiction. I needed a tiny break and to focus on some other stuff life threw at me. But scripting has happened and when you click down below, chapter 6 is there to be found! Enjoy and leave Kara some love

Also, I do advice you to lurk about for a bit tonight... (it's tonight at my side at the world at the moment at least haha)

Hi y'all!
As you might have noticed, I've been working on fixing the website. It should all be working correctly again now. If you do find any errors, could you let us know on either the tagboard or by email? We'll try to fix it asap. Thanks in advance!
Now for the interesting stuff; a new chapter up for you all to read and enjoy! Have a read and let Kara know what you think of it!

Hey guys! I'm so sorry for the delay in updating. As you might have noticed, the site was completely messed up right before the weekend. Took some time to get it back going (and still not completely finished I'm afraid) which took away from scripttime. But I just went in and found some time to do last weekends scripting anyhow. So new chapter is up now! Enjoy the read and leave Kara some love. 

Hey guys, new chapter is up now! I'll try to get more scripted before the week is over but no promises. It all depends on how hectic the week will get. Enjoy this update though! :)
Wow! I love seeing all of you guys coming out to welcome this new story. You guys are awesome! 
If you click the link below, you'll find the second chapter up to read. Enjoy yourselfs!
Hi guys!

No, you're not mistaken. You're not going insane. There actually is a new story up on Neverland! Can I get a big cheer? Whooo!
Yeah, we know it's Easter and all. But there's always room in our hearts for a bit of Christmas, aye? Believe me, you'll want to read. Even in April!  

So, give it up for Kara and her wonderful new story! Hope you enjoy the read, leave some love if you do!! Updates will follow soon.


Title: The Twelve Days Of Christmas
Author: Kara A. Stevens
Rating: 18+
Genre: R,D,SX
Pages: 127
Cast: You and your favorite  lifer
She has been his right hand for six long years. In all that time she has seen so many women come and go in her boss' life and she has no desire to join them, despite his devastating good-looks - or that is what she has been telling herself all these years.
She has been his right hand for six long years. In all that time his perfect and dependable personal assistant has never done anything out of character. Little does she know that he has started to find her quite attractive, making excuses to spend more one-on-one time with her. 
And when a Secret Santa present shows up for her, he can't help feeling a little jealous... When had his feelings veered from professional to personal?

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Something Old by Claire

Hey guys!

First of all, it makes me so happy to see you all still out in full force after all this time. Seeing as we haven't had any new stories up for a while I was afraid we had scared you all away. But after putting Kara's story up, you all proved to be very much present. It's good to still see you all so appreciative of the stories and the hard work our writers put in them. Thanks for that!

I was very happy to find this new story in our email-inbox. It's good to see Claire back and I hope you'll enjoy the story as much as I did! Leave her some love.

If you want to share your story with us, simply drop us an email and we'll get back to you asap!

Enjoy the read :)

Title: Something Old
Author: Claire
Genre: R
Pages: 25
Cast: You, your best friend and the 'lifers.
Teaser: They grew up together and he's always been a bit protective over her, but after a few years away from each other, his protectiveness has developed into something else altogether- can she handle this turn of events? And will their livelong friendship become something more?

Note from writer: This story is the first part of a series of stories. Claire is still in the process of writing the other stories but hopes to share them with us in time. 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Boy Next Door by Kara - Full story

June 6; Sorry guys, for keeping you waiting so long. But here it is; the final chapter of The Boy Next Door! Enjoy!
June 1; Seeing as there's been no complaints, does that mean the script hasn't turned out as awful as I feared it to be? Do let us know, guys! Also, leave some love for Kara (though that doesn't need to be said coz you're all already on that! Love!) Enjoy the update!

May 29; New chapter for all you lovely comment-leavers  

May 25; New chapter! After scripting this story, I found quite some scripting errors in the last few chapters. For some reason the program I use to do the scripting was being funny with me. I've tried to fix it all as best as I could but if you find any scripting errors (names being left unscripted or anything else), please, do let us know! We'd love to get the best possible version of this out. Thanks, guys!

Also; we'd love to put more stories up. If you want to share yours with us, don't hestitate! Contact us at We'd love to host your story as well! 


May 21; As promissed; A new chapter! Have a great weekend, guys!
May 19; And again... I'm truly sorry, life is just a bit hectic and all. But a new chapter is up now and I'll fix the remaining chapters and upload one more this weekend. I promise! For now, enjoy the read!

PS; For those finding trouble in reading older stories; we had some issues again with the server. They're fixed now and you should be able to access them again.
May 11; Sorry guys, for being such a lousy updater. New chapter up now, enjoy!
May 2nd: So good to see them comments! Thanks guys, it's good to know you're still out there and letting Kara know how you love the story! You'll find chapter 3 under the link now. Enjoy!
Update: As promised, chapter 2 is up now as well :)

Hey guys,
Your eyes don't deceive you, there truly is a new fic online! It's a beauty shared by Kara and you can read the first chapter by clicking the link below now. Do so, you won't regret!
Also, I know I've been making promisses on the tag to get it up sooner and failed. I had some massive problems with my scripting program. With the scripting nearly done first time around it decided to freeze on me and I had to start all over. To make up for lost time, I'll add another chapter later today. Keep an eye out on our website or our Twitterpage for new updates!

Enjoy the read and let Kara know what you think of the story by commenting below! :)


Author: Kara A. Stevens
Rating: 18+
Genre: R,D,SX
Pages: 158
Cast: You, your two best friends, two lifers and some more
Teaser: Get your heart broken once? Shame on you. Get your heart broken twice? Shame on me.
After finally moving on from a toxic relationship, she realizes that she is quickly becoming extremely attached and attracted to her next door neighbor. Who in fact turns out to be too much like the ex she has finally left behind for her liking. She's afraid of making the same mistakes all over again, but oh boy, it's hard not to trip over the same stone twice especially when the guy looks as yummy as her neighbor does. The question is: Is she brave enough to risk her heart again? 

Monday, 11 April 2016

Sing Alone - New Challenge

Hey guys,

It's been some time! We hope you're all well and are all still enjoying the reading and perhaps some writing even. To help you with the latter, we have a new challenge for you all.

With Nicky's new album about to be out, all of our lifers have their own solo-project brought into this world. This calls for a new song-fic challenge! For this challenge, just about everything goes. Pick a song from one of the guys and turn it into a story.
If you go onto our challenge form, you can pick a random lifer, some random location and a random item. You can also choose between picking your own song or having us pick one for you (if you let us know your prefered lifer in the comment section, we'll keep that in mind aswell). The main rule for this story; at least one line from the song you picked must be used as a quote in your story, meaning that someone says it outloud at some point.

Go on, GRAB yourself a challenge and enjoy some writing! We're looking forward to reading your stories!

Neverland Staff

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Question about Westlife...

Since many of you might now the lads pretty well, I am posting this question here for you and hope for answers :)

Is there a ritual/ handshake/ dance/ quote/ slogan or special song, that the lifers could use as a secret sign? I need a secret sign for a fic and I have no idea :)

Maybe one of you comes up with something?

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Happy Birthday

Many of you may remember her: Mirelle :)
It was our lovely Mi's birthday yesterday and we want to send some kisses and good wishes to Brazil!!
Still miss you around, girl, it has become awfully quiet.
All the best from the Neverlanders!